Donny Dust is a world wide expert in remote primitive survival, emergency preparedness, ancestral skills and primitive technologies. Donny is an expert flintknapper and primitive hunter pushing the limits of the human body to thrive in some of the most remote regions of the world. Donny has walked countless miles, living a minimalistic approach to survival while employing the basic of primitive technologies to thrive in any environment.

Donny has authored books, worked on feature films as a technical survival consultant, participated in different network television programs, conducted numerous podcasts and radio appearances, as well has spoken in-front of crowds who traveled far and near to hear him speak of his adventures and skills. Known as the "Professional Caveman" Donny is nothing but professional, adventurous and creative.

Donny's expertise draws clients from as far as Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia and South America. All want to walk wild with Donny and experience the adventures of the "Professional Caveman."

Ryan Maguire is an expert ancestral skills practitioner and outdoors enthusiast with a passion for traditional skills, outdoor health, functional fitness and living remotely in the countries wildest landscapes.

Ryan is a survival and minimalistic industry leader in all matters focused on outdoor survival skills and remote outdoor living. Ryan has lived in nearly every climate type of North America, while practicing the arts of survival and minimalistic living. Constantly pushing physical boundaries, Ryan has walked countless miles barefoot through snowy glaciers, life threatening deserts and dense rainforests; not just to survive, but to thrive. 

Ryan is an avid trail runner, often spending consecutive long days running with minimal gear, food and water. Ryan pushes the limits of minimalistic adventuring to better understand the full capabilities and limitations of the human body. Ryan is the host of the podcast "Who the WYLD Things Are" and runs outdoor adventure company WYLD RYDE.