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Mark DAmbrosio spent 10-years in the Marine Corps conducting special operations for the Reconnaissance and Scout Sniper communities. During his time in the Marine Corps, he spent 4-years as an instructor at the Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, California teaching high angle shooting and survival.

His career then transitioned to training Military, Law Enforcement and civilians in shooting, mountaineering, survival and tracking through International Mountain Survival. I.M.S. has partnered with Paleo Tracks Survival and Greenside Training in order to bring students the best in the industry in these subjects. Mark is passionate about instructing, learning and adapting his course material to give his students the most up-to-date realistic information.

Mark conducts basic or advanced long range shooting packages, modern survival courses and long range guided hunts for civilians, basic or high angle sniper packages and rappel courses for law enforcement as well as survival, mountaineering, and high angle sniper courses for military.



Corey Hawk is opening the door for people who wish to go afield with a simple, elegant, and effective longbow that uncovers a broader, deeper connection to our ancient history as hunter-gatherers.

People all over the world are finding inspiration to step away from the contrived, artificial mass-production that surrounds us in our daily lives and experience the romance of the "old ways". I

 Corey promises to craft every longbow to the very best of my abilities. No detail will be overlooked. I follow these bows from standing tree to finished product, and no two are alike. They all have their own unique challenges and character. Each build takes a little piece of me with it, and I hope your bow brings you as much joy as I've experienced making it. 

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