What an awesome experience to be part of director Aaron Brown's and Onion Creeks Production of the movie Knapper.  When a big time director calls that has had projects with Netflix, AMC, VICE, National Geographic, HBO, Rolling Stone and SXSW to name a few and asks you to be part of his latest movie…you pack your bags and get on it! This was a time specific movie that required the hands of an expert to create a visual accuracy to the late Archaic Period. I worked hand in hand with an amazing crew creating all the stone tools, weaponry, shelters, naturally harvested foods, clothing and authenticity the movie required. Watch for Knapper to be released in 2019! 

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I am happy to announce my first book Scavenger. Scavenger is more than just a book, but an account on how I live my life today and how that lifestyle has kept me alive beating death. After facing a life changing and near death experience I became a Scavenger in more ways than one. That is what Scavenger is all about.

Scavenger is a comedic, truth filled, inspirational account of my actions to overcome death after suffering a life changing trauma.  Scavenger confronts death face to face and asks the question, If you know HOW you are going to die, but don't know the WHEN…how would you live your life...would you change anything?

Take a walk on the wild side and embrace your primal past to become a Scavenger.You can find Scavenger on Amazon in e-book and paperback!

***Sage Warrior Editors Choice 2019 Military Reading List***



I am pumped to announce my new Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course. This course took over a year to compile, assess and create to bring you the best wilderness medical training out there. Not everyone can afford the spend the countless dollars getting a certification in WFR, WAFA and Wilderness EMT. I get it! However, everyone needs to be knowledgeable about Basic First Aid and Wilderness First Aid when exploring the wilds of the world Why? Because it can and will save lives...yours and someone else! Lets face the music...accidents happen in the back-country! 

I developed this course based on my years of military medical training, combat causality training, first aid training, my days spent in Search and Rescue Units and my real world medical experiences. I have made it hands on, consumable and real. Check it out!



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