Our END STATE is to build a persons confidence and increase a persons self-reliance in any outdoor situation. Our MISSION is to help people to build knowledge, skills and abilities through teaching sound survival, bushcraft and primitive skills. Our APPROACH is based on first hand, time tested and proven survival training, bushcraft, hunting, wilderness exploration, primitive living and wilderness self-reliance.

Head instructor, Donny Dust is a true believer and practitioner of primitive technologies, earth-skills, survival and the sharing of that knowledge. Donny has well over two decades worth of outdoor survival skills and earth-skills. Donny has served in the United States Marine Corps and can be found living in many of the remote regions of the Rocky Mountains when he is not teaching.

Donny is a published author providing his insights through publications in mainstream survival and wilderness living magazines and in the book Scavenger. Additionally, Donny is often asked to attend events as a guest lecturer for major outdoor shows, pod casts and radio broadcasts. Donny provides his expertise as a television and movie consultant bringing great accuracy and depth to films and television focused on survival, our ancient past, bushcraft and wilderness adventures.

Donny is often sought out for his primitive skills and technologies in tv/film as a tech-consultant. Donny is considered to be a expert flintknapper or lithic reduction specialist; specializing in reproductive stone tools from our histories past.

Donny was also a participant on the hit tv show ALONE on the History Channel where he and nine other contestants were given 10 Survival items and were tasked to see how long they could live in the Artic with just those items. The entire journey was self filmed and is a hit series on the HISTORY Channel.

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