Our GOAL is to build a persons confidence and increase a persons survivability in an situation. 

Our MISSION is to help people to be re-born into the wilds of the world through teaching Sound survival skills.

Our APPROACH  is based on time tested survival training, bushcraft, hunting, wilderness exploration, primitive living and wilderness self reliance.

Our instructors are all experienced survivalists, bushcrafters, survivalist and primitive living practitioners with years of experience. Here is a few of out specialties: wilderness self-reliance, primitive weapons, flint knapping, hunting, natural navigation, fire making, tracking, shelter building, game tracking, water procurement, wilderness health/comfort, bush craft, first aid, cold weather survival, jungle survival, desert survival, low/high altitude survival, and urban survival. 

Our instructors have lived, trained and survived in many climates to include: The deserts of the American Southwest, Australia and the Middle East, The jungles of Southeast Asia, American South and Central Asia, the high Mountains of the Rocky Mountains in North America and Canada and the frozen tundra's of Alaska and Canada. We have been everywhere!

Our head instructor, Donny Dust is a true believer and practitioner of primitive technologies, earth skills, survival and the sharing of that knowledge. Donny has nearly two decades worth of outdoor survival skills and earth skills. Donny has served in the United States Marine Corps and can be found living in many of the remote regions of the Rocky Mountains when he is not teaching. Donny is a published author providing his insights through publications in mainstream survival and wilderness living magazines. Additionally, Donny is often asked to attend events as a guest lecturer for major outdoor shows and radio broadcasts.

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