Paleo Tracks Survival School is a Wilderness Self-Reliance School located in beautiful Colorado that teaches all people from different walks of life the essential and necessaryskills to survive and thrive in any situation.

Come explore some amazing places with Paleo Tracks Survival School. Find life, freedom and adventure in some of Colorado's mostbeautiful landscapes. Don't miss out!

Our approach is to empower people to utilize the most important survival skill of all...creativity. We want you to connect to the land, other people and yourself while establishing more than just survival skills, but true wilderness self-reliance and natural living skills. We want you to thrive! We pride ourselves on the fact that people who attend our classes leave being competent with the skills they came to learn, better prepared to tackle the wilds of the world in any situation and gain a real sense of connection to the land that surrounds them. 

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