Welcome to Paleo Tracks Survival

A survival, primitive living and bushcraft school that teaches people from all walks of lifethe essential skills to survive and thrive in any situation .

Our approach is EARTH SKILLS or NATURAL SKILLS: All the traditional and historical primitive skills our early ancestors utilized to survive and thrive in the world around them for thousands and thousands of years. We pride ourselves on the fact that people who attend our classes leave being competent with the skills they came to learn, better prepared to tackle the wilds of the world in any situation and gain a real sense of connection to the land that surrounds them.

Having the correct gear is important, but having the correct knowledge is more important. We WILL make you better through a safe, fun, educational, and quality experience. This is the priority. We are based out of Colorado, but will travel to any location worldwide to teach core traditional and modern survival skills:

Skills like: Shelter Building, Fire-by-friction, Water Resourcing, Hunting, Gathering, Scavenging, Flintknapping, Natural Navigation, Traditional Navigation, Game Processing, Pottery, Traditional Clothing Making, Edible Plants, Medical Plants, Resource Plants, Basket Making, Large & Small Game Tracking, Tool Making, Resource Scouting, Fishing, Glues & Adhesives, Cordage, Knots, Wilderness First Aid, Hygiene,, Bow Making, Atlatl Making, Primitive weapons, and all aspects of Emergency/Traditional Survival.

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